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Children's health

Children are the joy of life, but their active lifestyles and still-developing immune systems can make them more susceptible to illness. It is also important that children are vaccinated against the preventable diseases defined under Oman's Programme of Immunisation and that their continued development is monitored.

At Burjeel Hospital the purpose designed and child friendly Children's Health Centre brings together an extensive team of pediatric experts to diagnose, treat and manage children, medically, surgically and therapeutically.

And any sick child at Burjeel Hospital and their family will always be the focus of especially, sensitive attention to ensure the child's speedy recovery and that their family are also fully supported.

Services offered include:

  • Emergency management of acute pediatric problems
  • Wide range of general outpatient pediatric services
  • Well baby clinic providing assessment and full vaccination program
  • Specialized asthma clinic
  • Full pediatric Endocrinology services including management and follow up of children with diabetes, pituitary diseases, short and tall stature, thyroid diseases, adrenal gland diseases and disorders of puberty
  • Inpatient pediatric services

Pediatric Surgery Services:

  • General Pediatric Surgery
  • Pediatric Thoracic Surgery
  • Pediatric Urology (Disorder of sexual development,hypospadias, hydronephrosis, and endourology)
  • Pediatric Laparoscopy in gastroenterology and urology
  • Neonatal Surgery

The reputation of a hospital is built on the quality of medical care provided. Hence, stringent standards are in place to recruit world-class medical professionals. Our panel of highly qualified doctors have trained extensively in leading hospitals around the world and possess internationally recognized degrees from Europe, USA and other continents. Combined with state-of-the-art technology, the team delivers exemplary care and treatment following the highest international standards and protocols.

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