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Occupational Therapy (OT) treatment focuses on helping people pursue more successful and independent lives by identifying and addressing their areas of dysfunction.

Occupational therapists play an important role in our communities as they work to enable patients to engage in the meaningful activities of daily life. They step in when a person's ability to live independently is disrupted by illness or injury.

Role of Occupational Therapy with children :-

Occupational therapists work with children, who have challenges, to fully participate in normal daily activities. Those challenges may be due to developmental delay, ADD/ADHD, autism, chromosomal differences, injury, trauma, and many others. An occupational therapist evaluates to assess areas of difficulty as well as strengths, and treat the child based on his or her special needs.

Role of Occupational Therapy with neuro/geriatric :-

The occupational therapy in neurology/geriatrics facilitates early return to basic life skills with the help of ADL retraining, (which is lost due to ageing or the neurological condition).Neurological and Geriatric rehabilitation under the care of occupational therapist will consist of supporting and facilitating an individual to be as independent as possible in their daily life. For some this may involve focusing on improving reduced cognitive functions such as planning or memory,whereas for others it may be more focused on removing physical barriers to independence through well designed housing, assistive technology or equipment. Intervention is always goal oriented and focused around maximising and enabling independence, no matter what form this may take.

Occupational therapy with cancer patients :-

The occupational therapy in oncology is to facilitate and enable an individual patient to achieve maximum functional performance, both physically and psychologically in everyday living skills.

Occupational therapy services are helpful for individuals throughout the continuum of cancer care, including those who are newly diagnosed, undergoing treatment, receiving hospice or palliative care, or who are survivors reintegrating into previous roles.

Some of the things Occupational Therapists can help with include:
Energy Levels

Sleep and fatigue management such as education in and demonstration of energy conservation and relaxation management techniques to support health and the ability to participate in purposeful roles.

Cognitive Strategies

Cognitive strategies to address memory, organizational executive function deficits, and low-energy tasks that focus on restoring engagement in daily occupations such as sitting in the park, reading a newspaper, or conversing with a friend.

Visual perceptual

Visual perception is process of extracting and organizing information. (giving meaning to what we see) required to perform every day tasks such as, reading, copying, or understanding symbols(academics) and other daily living tasks like eating cooking cleaning etc

Activities of daily living

daily household based activities that people carry out to maintain health care and well being. ADL includes eating, drinking, moving, driving, washroom,hygiene,grooming,dressing undressing, leisure, work, education, social participation, and play.

Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercise and positioning to maintain functional range of motion, mobility, and strength such as home exercise programs, splinting, wheelchair fitting, bed positioning, etc. to provide support and comfort.

Caregiver Support

Caregivers also benefit from the training and education provided by OT’s as they are the essential tools to offer support and assistance to their loved ones when performing daily, important, and meaningful activities.

We at Burjeel feel that the process of healing is as important as the cure itself. Which is why along with our world class medical professionals, sophisticated diagnostic equipment and superior health services, Burjeel hospital provides a comforting ambience, full of warmth and personalized attention. We call this process as, “the art of healing”.

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