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Dr. Mustafa Issam Abdulaziz

General Practitioner


Dr. Mustafa Issam Abdulaziz serves as a General Practitioner at Burjeel Hospital, bringing extensive experience gained over 14 years at distinguished institutions in Oman, Jordan, and Iraq. Dr. Mustafa earned his Bachelor's in Medicine (MBBS) from Baghdad University, Iraq. Subsequently, he obtained a Diploma in Preventative Cardiovascular Diseases from South Wales University, UK, and holds certification in Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy from India.

Dr. Mustafa's expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of general and emergency medicine, including hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He possesses significant experience in managing adult and pediatric trauma, as well as emergencies in orthopedics, surgery, and various medical fields, including obstetrics and gynecology. His unwavering dedication and commitment to delivering comprehensive care align seamlessly with our mission of providing the highest quality healthcare services.