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Dr. Mohamed Mustafa Alhabash

Senior consultant General Surgery


Qualification : MD, MS, MS renal transplantation, SBGS

Experience : Over 32 years of experience in the field.

Specialties : Laparoscopic Surgeries ( Cholecystectomy, Appendix, Inguinal Hernia, Para umbilical Hernia , Varicocelectomy, Diagnostic … etc. ), Oncology Surgery (Thyroid, Breast, Abdominal, skin. etc), Progressive colorectal & and anal Surgery ( Hemorrhoidopexy –Stapler - , Fissurectomy, colon Tumors Resection etc ), Breast Diseases & surgery (Benign tumors, Breast Cancer – Excisions , Biopsies & FNA of all Kind of Lumps– early Diagnosis), Thyroid Disorders &Surgery, Varicose Management (surgical & VaricoseRF & laser Ablation ), General Pediatrics Surgeries ( Orchiopexy, Hydrocelectomy, Herinorahhphy, Herinotomyetc), Advanced Experiences in Kidney transplantation & its complications Minimal invasive General & Vascular Surgeries ( A-V fistulas & Grafts )

Member : Member of Syrian association of general surgeon, member of syrian association of nephrology & transplantation