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Dr. Fatima Abdulelah Alaani

Specialist Radiology


Dr. Fatima Abdulelah Alaani is a Radiology Specialist affiliated with Burjeel Hospital in Muscat. With 11 years of experience, she has practiced at prestigious institutions in Oman, Syria, and Lebanon. Dr. Fatima holds a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree from Damascus University's Faculty of Medicine and a Master's degree in Radiology from the same institution.

Dr. Fatima's expertise covers a broad range of radiological services, including ultrasound scans (general abdomen and pelvis, KUB, breast, maternal scans with 3D/4D capabilities, etc.), X-ray studies (Chest, abdomen, lumbar, cervical, knee, and other joints), CT studies (Abdomen and pelvis, brain and PNS, spine, chest, and pulmonary angiography), and MRI studies (brain and neck, spine, knee, and other joints). Her steadfast dedication and commitment to delivering comprehensive care align seamlessly with our mission of providing the highest quality healthcare services.