Dr.Anna Rajab

Consultant Clinical Geneticist


Dr. Anna has vast experience in Clinical Genetics, Syndromology, Community Genetics and Pediatrics. Dr. Anna graduated from Ukraine. Her Postgraduate studies in United Kingdom included Diploma in Child Health, Membership of Royal College of Physicians, and Doctorate Degree in Genetics from London University. Dr. Anna Rajab initiated Genetic Services in Oman in 1992 in order to give better care to the many sufferers of genetic diseases and their families. The ambition of the provision of "state of the Art" Genetic Services in Oman materialized. She is a Founder of National Genetic Center with Clinical Genetic facility, Genetic Diagnostic Laboratories, National Program for Prevention of Genetic Blood Disorders, Premarital Counseling Services and Health Education.

Dr. Anna has been involved in a number of National and International Research projects in the field and has more than 80 publications to her credit. Dr. Anna has also been involved in raising public awareness of genetic disease and it's prevention, and in developing strategies which are ethically compatible with the cultural and religious beliefs of Oman.

Dr. Anna is a Member of ASHG, ESHG, HUGO, Executive member of CAGS, Served as Consultant for WHO and EU Research Commission, Received Award from WHO and Sheikh Hamdan Bin Rashid AI Maktoum Award for Medical Sciences

Dr. Anna is committed to provide quality genetic services, use novel genetic technologies to improve care and guide on how to maximize the chance of having healthy children.